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Guess Who's Back!

Okay. I'm back. I'M BACK BABY!

Get ready for a whole lot of books and a WHOLE LOT of me!

Guys, truthfully, I was very disappointed by the lack of viewers I had and the lack of stuff I was posting. Then I entered a slum where I stopped reading ( A.K.A School) and now, finally, I'm back.
Thank You Summer!

I'm going to be introducing new segments, new books and new personal issues. Get ready to know me better!

And for those who've stuck with me till now, Thanks.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something Like Normal By Trish Doller

Something Like Normal

When Travis returns home from a stint in Afghanistan, his parents are splitting up, his brother’s stolen his girlfriend and his car, and he’s haunted by nightmares of his best friend’s death. It’s not until Travis runs into Harper, a girl he’s had a rocky relationship with since middle school, that life actually starts looking up. And as he and Harper see more of each other, he begins to pick his way through the minefield of family problems and post-traumatic stress to the possibility of a life that might resemble normal again. Travis’s dry sense of humor, and incredible sense of honor, make him an irresistible and eminently lovable hero.

They cover is kinda embarrassing isn't it? Well, for me anyway. But I like the blue tone that goes with the white. Being an artist, it catches my attention. In a good way.

The Plot:

Travis just came back from Afghanistan. Even though he's gets a grand welcome, not everything is great.
His parents are splitting up, her brother's stolen his girlfriend and car and he's being haunted by nightmares of his best friends death.  Then he meets Harper, who he hasn't been on good terms with since middle school. His life takes a sudden turn. At her arrival, he starts making his way though his family problems and post-traumatic stress so that maybe his life can seem...normal again. It gonna take a while though.

The Characters:

Travis- The poor boy has gone through alot. I wasn't expecting him to be all cheery and fresh. He been affected deeply by what he's seen and what he's gone through. He sad, tired, broken and just, in my opinion, needs a hug. 
He meets Harper, the girl who's life he messed up and she's not all that pleased to see him. But she forgives him, let's him in and before long, the boy is head over heels. I loved their relationship. Travis was scared. He never had a proper relationship before. His ex and him merely had a fling but with Harper, it scary because he wants more but isn't sure if he's ready for it. I will say, I felt their relationship developed fast. Even though there was more to the story than romance, I just felt it could have developed a little slower. I liked Travis anyway. I like his relationship with his mom, his courage to stand up to his dad, his friendship with Charlie and his ability to love others so...strongly. 

Harper- I like you Harper. Too bad not every girl is as forgiving and loyal as you. I certainly wouldn't be after what he made you go through. But that's probably made me respect you more and made me take a proper look at myself.
You were there for Travis when he needed you, never pushed him, never forced him but loved him unconditionally. I salute you.

Others- Travis's mom was overly affectionate but she loved him so much, so I could see why. His dad was an ass and his brother wasn't far behind. 

But my favourite of all, Charlie. I know, he's dead *cringe* but through flashbacks, I got to see a more defined Charlie and let me tell you, it broke my heart. He was strong, loyal, caring, outright a beautiful person that I felt his death was regretful. The ones who deserve to live are the ones to leave first. 
The last chapter made me blink twice as hard, take deep breaths and just...not cry. That chapter struck me more than anything. That's why I hate the sad, touchy-feely books because I hate sad things. Life is sad enough. I don't need to feel the same thing through books. 

Overall, a beautiful, touching read that I recommend to all. Just the right amounts of...everthing.

4 Stars! Enjoy!

Catching Jordan By Miranda Kenneally

Catching Jordan


What girl doesn't want to be surrounded by gorgeous jocks day in and day out? Jordan Woods isn't just surrounded by hot guys, though-she leads them as the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. They all see her as one of the guys and that's just fine. As long as she gets her athletic scholarship to a powerhouse university.

But everything she's ever worked for is threatened when Ty Greeen moves to her school. Not only is he an amazing QB, but he's also amazingly hot. And for the first time, Jordan's feeling vulnerable. Can she keep her head in the game while her heart's on the line?

The was alot over hype of this book. I read the reviews on Goodreads and was surprised to see that alot of people loved this book. Still, it just wouldn't catch my attention. Finally, I just though, what the hell, give it shot. You don't like, nobody is going to care. So, I put my football gear on, grabbed the ball and made my way onto the pitch.

The Plot:

This is the story of Jordan Woods. A boyish girl with a passion for football. She the captain and quarterback of her high school football team. She gained my respect there because she must have been brilliant to be captain of a BOYS football team. Being the only girl has it's share of difficulties.  She trying to get her athletic scholarship to one of the top universities and the while trying to juggle everyday activities. The last this she needs is any distractions. Enter Ty. The new quarterback at her school, future rival and future love interest. That all great and everything but Jordan notices that her best friend Henry is acting a bit weird. What's going on here? 4

The Characters:

Jordan Woods- Our over 6 foot protagonist who has nothing on her mind except for football. Maybe even gaining a bit of father's respect. But that's impossible because she KNOWS that he'll never support her dream. 
Ty enters the picture and Jordan falls. Literally. So not only is she in love but she's in love with the guy who could take her position away in a blink of the eye. They both like each other and get together. It's all roses and gumdrops until she finds out that her best friend Henry is in love with her. And you know what she does? She tells him that she ready to be with him. Now, that really pissed me off. I know Ty could be controlling and everything and Henry was WAY better than him but in a blink of an eye, you'd easily give up a relationship to be with someone else. You never noticed him in that way before. Why the sudden change?  And what ticked me off even more was that she cries, ALOT.  Kind of surprising isn't it, considering she a football player and very tough and everything.  I suppose she's a girl but that sexist because just because you're a girl doesn't mean you cry all the time.  The last time I cried was when I was cutting onions. And that wasn't even my fault. It was an automatic response. I have to say that even though Jordan annoyed me alot, I loved her relationship with all her friends, family and especially Henry. 

Sam Henry- I kind of think his name is weird. I didn't realise Henry was his first surname until halfway though the book.  But what the heck do I now about names anyway? So, yeah, he's best friends with Jordan and their relationship is very sweet. He genuinely cares for Jordan and again, he threw her alot of signs but as I said, Jordan wasn't exactly bright.  Henry made his fair share of mistakes though. I even grew frustrated with his behavior. You'll understand once you read the book.  But overall, one of my favourite character in the book. 

Ty Green- I don't know what to say about him. Even though he's the average 'gorgeous guy' in nearly every single YA book out there, he had his fair share of problem. Alot of responsibilities for a guy that young.  He could be controlling, a bit bossy and sometimes downright annoying but he had his fair bit of 'awww' moments.

JJ and Carter- Two of Jordan's close friends. Two of my favourite characters. Downright hilarious, kind, deep and sometimes your average boys. 

Marie and Carrie- Good thing Jordan realised how nice it can be to have girl friends. Sharing gossip, complaining, giving advice and sometimes just being there. The best qualities to look for in a friend.

Mom/Dad/Brother Mike-

Even though dad didn't support her dreams and could be an ass, he had his reasons. Once the got through that, I admit, he was the best dad ever. What kind of dad listens to your boy problems? Jordan's dad does.
Her mom was great throughout the whole book. So easygoing, caring, just being there whenever she was needed and supporting her daughter's dream all through the way. Mike made me wish my brother was like that. Kidding. Love you bro'. Anyway, Mike was great. Jordan talks to him about everything. He helps her in anyway she can and there relationship is amazing.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. It kept me hooked. I admit it. Even though I wasn't a fan of Jordan, I hated putting this book down. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Alot of football involved. I can easily say I know more about football that I ever did before.

4 Stars! Enjoy!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Upcoming Book Reviews

I've actually read a few more books so the reviews will be up soon.
I'll put a list up just so you know which ones are coming up. Also, I'm so happy today because I've just realised that I've reached 1000 views on m blog. I need to be have patience. There'll come a time when everyone will come and read my review. And to everyone who does, thank you.

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Trilogy, #1) Shadow and Bone By Leigh Bardugo

Chosen Ones (The Lost Souls, #1) Chosen Ones By Tiffany Truitt

Something Like Normal Something Like Normal By Trish Doller

A Midsummer's Nightmare A Midsummer's Nightmare By Kody Keplinger

My Life Next Door My Life Next Door By Huntley Fitzpatrick

I'm Loving this song nowadays. Can't believe I didn't listen to this sooner. It's beautiful. Enjoy!
You and Me by Lifehouse.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

The second thrilling installment in Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy spinoff series

Tough, brainy alchemist Sydney Sage and doe-eyed Moroi princess Jill Dragomir are in hiding at a human boarding school in the sunny, glamorous world of Palm Springs, California. The students--children of the wealthy and powerful--carry on with their lives in blissful ignorance, while Sydney, Jill, Eddie, and Adrian must do everything in their power to keep their secret safe. But with forbidden romances, unexpected spirit bonds, and the threat of Strigoi moving ever closer, hiding the truth is harder than anyone thought.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, Richelle Mead's breathtaking Bloodlines series explores all the friendship, romance, battles, and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive. In this second book, the drama is hotter, the romances are steamier, and the stakes are even higher.

I had been LIVING to read this book. Counting off the days, staring at the cover, dreaming of Adrian...I'd done everything. So you can just about imagine my THRILL of finally having the book in my hands.


This book takes place right after Bloodlines. Sydney the Alchemist, has grown extremely fond of her Vampire friends, which goes against everything she believes in. But why do they feel so...right? Why does she feel so many strong emotions for them? Why does she feel guilty all the time?
These are some of the questions she asks herself all throughout the book.

Alot of the relationships develop in this book. 

Sydney and Adrian-
Duh! Of course this relationship had to develop. It's basically the reason half of us are reading this book. So guys, if you all felt there wasn't enough romance in Bloodlines, this book make up for it. I'm not saying it was jam packed, but there was just enough tension. I have a complaint though. Again people, spoilers ahead. Sydney starts dating in this book. A guy named Brayden. He's as smart as her, they have very intellectual debates etc. but that's just about it. He's nice , maybe a bit arrogant, but there's just no...spark. I don't know if the author was trying to make her very naive or what but half the time she didn't know anything when it came to relationships and dating. Half the time she didn't know what was going on right infront of her! Can somebody be that dense? I'm pretty sure I'd notice ALL the signs she just so blatantly ignored and I'm DEFINITELY not an expert. I know knowledge and book are important but come on, have a bit of sense woman and just...wake up. 

Adrian was what kept me going in this book. Half the time I kept shaking my head a Sydney while just nodding my head at Adrian. I will say that I felt Adrian developed feelings for Sydney WAY more quickly than Sydney. Actually, TRUTHFULLY, Sydney didn't actually really feel anything than WARMTH or a bit of HEART BEATING here and there. BUT she did become more aware of him, more closer to him, worried about him all the time and just helped him in so many ways. I think maybe that's her way of loving him. Adrian though, GOD, he gave so many signs. WAY too many signs. That's why I was irritaed at Sydney. How could she not notice??? 

Guys, don't think I hate her or anything. Sydney is just as admirable as she was in the first book. So strong, straightforward, she shows that you don't need to be a vampire to be strong, you can be exactly that by just being human. She's so smart that's she's able to get her friends out of trouble so easily. So overall, ignoring her dense personality, Sydney's my kinda girl.

I LOVED Adrian's confession at the end. I could actually hear my heart beating throughout all of it. It was so...*squeal* AND THE KISS. I will not go any further than that because I have to go wipe my nosebleed. BUT guy...Sydney's reaction.....not surprising. That's all I'm gonna say.
I love you Adrian. You've ALWAYS been on Hira's List. No clap for you. Okay, golf clap.

Adrian and Demetri-
I felt that there was development here. Even though Adrian was a bit hostile at the start, by the end you could see how much he admired Demetri. How could he NOT? At 6'7, built like a Greek God, and OMG his accent, HOW COULD HE NOT LOVE HIM? Wait. You were talking about how strong, courageous, smart and kind he is and not about his six-pack? Sorry. My bad.

Eddie and Jill-
AS we ALL know, Eddie had a thing for Jill in the last book but wouldn't act upon it as he though he wasn't good enough for her. And because Jill didn't see him in 'THAT' way. This changed though, SLOWLY. She started noticing him but, sigh, it was too late. He started noticing someone else. Story of Jill's life...

Overall, a lot of developments. Small and big. All very important.

The plot was good. Interesting. Some important questions were answered. Sydney started growing suspicious and started questioning what she'd been taught. A big, think of it as a war, has started but people, it's just begun. I'm shocked at that because can people be so blind and that easily led?
Maybe that's the things about us humans. That's probably what differentiates humans from the vampires...

Can't remember what else I had to say but people, You'll LOVE this book. Maybe get IRRITATED at a certain someone and SWOON at a certain other someone, if that makes sense...but you'll love it anyway.



Friday, June 8, 2012

Easy By Tammara Webber


When Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend to the college of his choice, the last thing she expects is a breakup. After two weeks in shock, she wakes up to her new reality: she’s single, attending a state university instead of a music conservatory, ignored by her former circle of friends, stalked by her ex’s frat brother, and failing a class for the first time in her life.

Her econ professor gives her an email address for Landon, the class tutor, who shows her that she’s still the same intelligent girl she’s always been. As Jacqueline becomes interested in more from her tutor than a better grade, his teasing responses make the feeling seem mutual. There’s just one problem—their only interactions are through email.

Meanwhile, a guy in her econ class proves his worth the first night she meets him. Nothing like her popular ex or her brainy tutor, Lucas sits on the back row, sketching in a notebook and staring at her. At a downtown club, he disappears after several dances that leave her on fire. When he asks if he can sketch her, alone in her room, she agrees—hoping for more.

Then Jacqueline discovers a withheld connection between her supportive tutor and her seductive classmate, her ex comes back into the picture, and her stalker escalates his attention by spreading rumors that they’ve hooked up. Suddenly appearances are everything, and knowing who to trust is anything but easy.

Author Recommendation: Mature Young Adults

I've been looking for something to fill the void left by Anna and the French Kiss By Stephanie Perkins because it was one of the best YA Romance I've even read. Thanks goodness I found this because it could easily give Anna a good fight. 

The Plot: 

Jackie aka Jacqueline has been dumped by her boyfriend of 3 years, is attending the college of HIS choice and is being stalked by a *insert every kind of bad word here*.
Enter Landon, her brainy tutor, who make her smile, laugh and wait for his e-mails. Too bad she doesn't know what he looks like. Now, enter Lucas. The guy that sits at the back of the class. The guy who draws in his notebook at the time, and who stares at you, making you blush. The relationship between Lucas and Jackie deepens and leads Jackie to believe there might be a connection between her tutor and Lucas. Also, secrets are revealed, some so shocking I had to stop reading to control my breathing. Serious issues are dealt with and the past is revisited.

The Characters:

Jackie- I loved her. Actually, that took time to develop because mostly I never give a backwards glance to a girl who'd go crazy and give up her dreams for a guy but you know how love is, it make even us girls do stupid things. A tragic thing could have happened to her at the start of the book but she's saved by the last guy she'd ever expect to help her. Then gradually, she begins to notice him. I loved the pace of their romance. It was so...good. Not rushed. And some of the scenes just made the reader blush aswell. Their romance wasn't just about love. It was about acceptance, forgiveness, courage and alot more. I like that even though bad things happened to her, she didn't back down. She kicked ass, literally.

Lucas- Can we have a round of applause please? Lucas has made it on to Hira's list. *Cue Applause* He was, you know, a tortured hero with his mysterious past who was perfect at EVERYTHING.  I began to wonder, what could be so bad that he couldn't even talk about it. When I found out people, I was just so...shocked, heartbroken and just so....sad for him. You could see his struggle and how hard it was to put the past behind him. His love for Jackie was so touching that you could do nothing but swoon. He was so different from her old boyfriend as he actually APPRECIATED her and that's probably all a girl can ask for. 

Erin- Best friend of Jackie and one of the comic-reliefs in the book. Their friendship is tight even after all their ups and downs. Easily, one of my favourite characters.


If you have ever listened to anything I have ever said then please listen to this. READ. THIS. BOOK. NOW. Drop everything. Just go for it. You will laugh, cry, squeal, gasp and even fist pump the air because it is THAT good. Go on. Don't waste time!

5 BILLION stars!

Hemlock By Kathleen Peacock

Hemlock (Hemlock, #1)

Mackenzie and Amy were best friends. Until Amy was brutally murdered.

Since then, Mac’s life has been turned upside down. She is being haunted by Amy in her dreams, and an extremist group called the Trackers has come to Mac’s hometown of Hemlock to hunt down Amy’s killer: A white werewolf.

Lupine syndrome—also known as the werewolf virus—is on the rise across the country. Many of the infected try to hide their symptoms, but bloodlust is not easy to control.

Wanting desperately to put an end to her nightmares, Mac decides to investigate Amy’s murder herself. She discovers secrets lurking in the shadows of Hemlock, secrets about Amy’s boyfriend, Jason, her good pal Kyle, and especially her late best friend. Mac is thrown into a maelstrom of violence and betrayal that puts her life at risk.

Kathleen Peacock’s thrilling novel is the first in the Hemlock trilogy, a spellbinding urban fantasy series filled with provocative questions about prejudice, trust, lies, and love.

The synopsis is interesting, isn't it? A murder mystery, thriller and romance. What more could you want? Oh yeah, werewolves. This is very different though. In ever other werewolf book you've probably read, they remain hidden, a secret to us mere mortal. Well, guess what. Not this time. Here, we have the Lupine Syndrome, think of it as a infection that's spreading, and once you're hit, hello hairy body and tail. Werewolves are something everyone knows about and believe me, it isn't taken very well. A group of extremists called the Trackers come to Hemlock and this starts the course of the story.

The Characters:

Mac- Guys, you are either going to love her or hate her guts out. I lie somewhere in the middle.
Let's start with the positive.  She's level-headed, strong, responsible and does not give up. 
Now the Negatives. I've no more positives left. She an oblivious person, not realising the feelings of others, not even noticing what her best friend had been going through. She, I felt, could be a bit selfish too.  Also, she's involved in a love triangle where, you know, she loves 'both' of the guys. Yeah, hello Vampire Diaries and Twilight.

Kyle- One of the characters I could actually tolerate. He was passionate, caring and selfless. He had his secrets though, and he left me shocked at the end.

Jason- Again, love/hate relationship with his aswell. At some points of the story I just wanted to grab him and give him a good shake. But, sometimes I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him that everything was gonna be okay. He had his secrets too, some which were very visible. He LOATHED the werewolves, forcing him to take drastic decisions.

The supporting characters were all very interesting too. 

The Plot:

The story is very well written. Till the very end, I did NOT know who the murderer was.  That's the best part, isn't it? Peacock kept me at the edge of my seat. I could easily say that her writing was one the main reason this book got such a high rating. Not too slow, just right. The descriptions were very vivid and I loved how she mixed mystery with just the right amounts of thriller.  I'm very surprised at the fact that this book was so...realistic even though there were werewolves in it. It dealt with alot of important issues aswell. Death, regret, forgiveness etc. Overall, it was a page turner.


I would definitely recommend this. I know I turned you off by mentioning twilight but believe me,  I sometime did feel I was watching a CW show. Anyway, Enjoy!

4.5 Stars!